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Media Release – Annapolis County Inter-Municipal Working Group

Annapolis County Municipalities Form Inter-Municipal Working Group

All three municipalities within Annapolis County formed an Inter-Municipal Working Group on July 27, 2023, to explore ways to improve efficiencies and strengthen their working relationships going forward. At their inaugural meeting, the six council members; two each from Town of Annapolis Royal, Municipality of the County of Annapolis, and Town of Middleton, agreed to a Terms of Reference and Preliminary Work Plan.

Councillor Chad LeBlanc of Town of Middleton was elected Chairperson at the meeting.

“Our residents expect us to always look for ways to improve our communities through the sharing of infrastructure and resources, and I am pleased to be chosen to facilitate these important discussions for the next 14 months.” noted Chairperson LeBlanc.

“Municipal governments operate under very complex legislative and regulatory controls, and it is important that we work together to build regional facilities and operations to reduce duplication. Many of the programs and services we provide like bylaw enforcement, emergency services, building and fire inspection, amongst others, know no municipal boundaries,” stated Vice Chairperson Tompkins.

There are currently several agreements in place between the three municipalities covering areas such as water and sewer, dog control, public works, along with many other informal agreements with services such as recreation and policing. The Working Group will review all municipal service areas with a goal of looking for ways to increase cooperation and provide more value for all citizens. The Working Group was initiated through a letter from Warden Alex Morrison to Mayor Amery Boyer and Mayor Sylvester Atkinson.

The members of the Working Group are Mayor Amery Boyer and Deputy Mayor Michael Tompkins of Town of Annapolis Royal, Warden Alex Morrison and Deputy Warden Brad Redden of Municipality of the County of Annapolis, and Councillors Michael Fairn and Chad Leblanc of Town of Middleton.

Media Contact:     Councillor Chad LeBlanc


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