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Request for Expressions of Interest, Engineering Report – Climate Change, Adaptation and Mitigation

The Town of Annapolis Royal is accepting expressions of interest to conduct an engineering study to assess the Town’s infrastructure capacity (for adaptation and mitigation) to effectively address climate change and sea level rise. This report will form a key part of the Town’s proposal to the Federal Government’s Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund (DMAF) whose purpose is “to invest in structural and natural infrastructure projects to increase the resilience of communities that are impacted by natural disasters triggered by climate change.”

The current sea-level projections predict that lower St. George Street and adjacent areas will be inundated regularly, affecting many businesses, residences and registered provincial, federal, and municipal heritage properties. To ensure Annapolis Royal’s regional economic role and historical significance to Canada both remains intact, an engineering study is required to determine the best options moving forward to address sea-level rise. This phase of mitigation and adaptation planning for the town of Annapolis Royal is critical in tackling hard-pressing issues such as sea-level rise.

To read the full request, click REI-2022-05-31

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