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Accessibility Advisory Committee

Title: Accessibility Advisory Committee Policy Number: 2019-06
Coverage: Council, Staff & Public Approved by Motion #C2019-Dec-16-30
Effective Date: December 16, 2019 Revision Date: N/A




The Accessibility Advisory Committee provides advice to council on identifying, preventing, and eliminating barriers to people with disabilities in municipal programs, services, initiatives, and facilities. The committee plays a pivotal role in helping the Town of Annapolis Royal become an accessible community and meet its obligations under Nova Scotia’s Accessibility Act.



  1. The Accessibility Advisory Committee shall have a total of five (5) members, four (4) voting members, and one (1) Council member.
  2. Fifty percent (50%) of the members must be persons with disabilities or represent organizations that represent persons with disabilities, in accordance with the Act.
  3. The members of the Accessibility Advisory Committee shall be appointed by Council in December each year.
  4. The Committee shall elect a Chair and Vice-Chair every year.


Duties and Responsibilities


The Accessibility Advisory Committee shall:

  1. Advise council on the preparation, implementation, and effectiveness of the Town’s accessibility plan. In accordance with the Accessibility Act, the plan must include:
    1. a report on measures the municipality has taken and intends to take to identify, remove, and prevent barriers;
    2. information on procedures the municipality has in place to assess the following for their impact on accessibility for persons with disabilities:
      1. any proposed policies, programs, practices, and services;
      2. any proposed enactments or bylaws.
    3. any other prescribed information.
  2. Review and update its accessibility plan at least every three years, in accordance with the act.
  3. Consult with the community on accessibility in the municipality.
  4. Advise council on the impact of municipal policies, programs, and services on people with disabilities.
  5. Review and monitor existing and proposed municipal bylaws to promote full participation of people with disabilities, in accordance with the Act.
  6. Identify and advise on the accessibility of existing and proposed municipal services and facilities.
  7. Advise and make recommendations about strategies designed to achieve the objectives of the municipality’s accessibility plan.
  8. Receive and review information from council and its committees, and make recommendations, as requested.
  9. Assist in monitoring compliance with federal and provincial government directives and regulations.

General Administration


  1. The committee shall meet at least four (4) times per year, or as needed to fulfill its duties.
  2. Meetings of the Accessibility Advisory Committee shall be open to the public.
  3. Quorum shall be a majority of voting members.
  4. The Committee must maintain minutes of meetings.
  5. The Committee reports to
  6. The committee may establish working groups to explore specific issues related to the accessibility plan and/or to other responsibilities. A working group may include additional members from the community who are not Advisory Committee members.
  7. The chair of a working group must be a member of the Accessibility Advisory Committee.


Accessibility Advisory Committee Policy Signed



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