Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia - Where History Meets Opportunity

Phone: 902.532.2043


Annapolis Royal is in an ideal location for starting a business. It provides relief from the hustle and bustle of city life but is well situated for export to Atlantic Canada, the Eastern United States, Ontario and Quebec. We have a diverse and eclectic mix of businesses, all of which complement one another to provide the surrounding area with an ideal shopping destination.

Annapolis Royal provides excellent development opportunities in tourism, a growth industry with very high potential. In addition, there are other very significant opportunities for business development in the area. With the availability of high speed internet, customer services and products can be easily sold anywhere in the world.

Commercial space is available on the main street which provides a direct link to the flow of traffic. There are some undeveloped lands in Town which may be ideal for a variety of business ventures.

The Annapolis Board of Trade meets regularly to discuss the current status and to provide continuous and sustainable business solutions. You may contact the Annapolis Board of Trade directly at for more business information.

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