Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia - Where History Meets Opportunity

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Moving to Annapolis Royal

Annapolis Royal is home to many who have visited here, and decided to settle permanently. The Town offers a one-of-a-kind mix of urban experiences and a quiet small town lifestyle that is second to none.

Whether you desire to live in a beautiful historic home, a brand new home, or even a condo, Annapolis Royal has you covered! And, if you want to start a business here we’re ready to help you do that too! Get more information about starting a business in Annapolis Royal.


Real Estate

Annapolis Royal is truly an exceptional Town featuring homes that must be seen to be believed. The following real estate agencies have offices in our community and would be happy to help you:


The Academy

If you like the convenience that a condominium provides, modern amenities, all while honoring historical charm then perhaps The Academy will interest you. Step back in time to a beautifully restored school building and enjoy the luxury that The Academy provides, all in the heart of Annapolis Royal. Visit them at


Fortier Mills

Fortier Mills is a new area of growth for Annapolis Royal and features a seamless mix of history and modern amenities. It is an upscale, architecturally-protected community that tastefully blends the new and the old. For more info visit their website

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