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Moving to Annapolis Royal

Moving to Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, could be the best decision you’ll ever make! Our tiny town is home to a wonderfully eclectic mix of people of all ages and walks of life – those born and raised here, and those who have chosen to move here from the rest of Canada, the United States, Europe, and many other places all over the world. Often, it only takes one visit for people to decide to make Annapolis Royal their new home – it’s a truly unique community with a lifestyle second to none. It’s a great place for remote workers to call home, for new families to put down roots, and for retirees to reinvent themselves.

We bet you’re thinking, “OK, what makes Annapolis Royal so special?”

Annapolis Royal is one of the most historic places in North America and it’s the cradle of our nation. It offers a one-of-a-kind mix of urban and rural amenities, all delivered in a peaceful, small-town, waterfront setting. In addition to our historic significance and beautiful built heritage, we have an incredibly active arts community with a busy year-round theatre that’s home to a wide variety of live music, theatre productions, a dance festival and movies that include both art-house and Hollywood blockbusters. Plus, we have a treasure trove of artists’ studios in our area that are supported by the thriving Annapolis Region Community Arts Council representing all genres of art…and much of that art can be found in the many galleries in our community. The 17-acre, award-winning Historic Gardens is filled with luscious peace and tranquility. And, those are only a few of the things that make us special!

“But what about the practical side of things?” you might be wondering…

We have everything you need! Let’s start with our community health centre that includes emergency services. We have dentists, lawyers, accountants, architects, registered massage therapists, hairdressers, an optometrist, a pharmacy, a health food store, two banks, two grocery stores, and a post office. We have a year-round Farmers’ Market. We have terrific schools, a public library, an active recreation department, an outdoor swimming pool and tennis courts. And of course, we have gift shops, cafes, restaurants, hardware and general stores, museums and historic sites to round out the mix.  Let’s not forget annual festivals, hiking trails, camping, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, beaches, orchards, distilleries, craft breweries and wineries…phew…all within minutes! The best thing of all…no traffic! You can enjoy both the amazing and practical sides of life without the congestion, line-ups, and delays of urban-living – that alone should make moving to Annapolis Royal very appealing.

Moving to Annapolis Royal

“That’s great, but I’ve heard bad things about Internet access in rural Nova Scotia…”

It’s true, there are parts of rural Nova Scotia – some very nearby – that have extremely poor Internet service…but that’s not a problem in the Town of Annapolis Royal. We are an ideal location for remote workers, including those who work in technology, software engineering, computer programming and other areas. Within our Town limits, we enjoy high-speed Internet access that can currently provide up to 400Mbps download speed…and it’s only getting better! The County of Annapolis is in the process of developing its own Internet infrastructure in the form of an open source fibre optic backbone for our entire County.

Other communities in the County of Annapolis that also currently have access to high-speed Internet are Bridgetown, Lawrencetown, and Middleton.

“I’m sold, I’m moving to Annapolis Royal! But where will I live?” you ask

Whether your dream is to live in a beautiful historic home, a brand-new house, or even a condo, Annapolis Royal has you covered. It’s a truly exceptional town featuring homes that must be seen to be believed – and real estate prices that will knock your socks off! The following real estate agencies have offices in our community and would be happy to help you:

We also have two new developments that blend in seamlessly with our historic community and will make sure you don’t miss a single thing from the big city, even though Halifax is only two hours away!

The Academy
The convenience that condo living provides – including all the modern amenities – while still honouring the historic charm of Annapolis Royal. The Academy offers luxuriously appointed condominiums in a beautifully renovated Beaux-Arts school building at extraordinarily affordable prices.

Fortier Mills
A new development in Annapolis Royal that’s right on the waterfront! It’s an upscale, architecturally-protected neighbourhood that tastefully blends in with the built heritage Annapolis Royal is famous for. Buy your own lot and build your new home for less than the cost of a big city condo. Get more information from their website,

Moving to Annapolis Royal

“OK, you’ve got everything I need – but I want to move from a foreign country, not just another part of Canada. So, what do I do?”

Your first step is to visit! There you can find information about the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) and this is where we suggest you start your process of moving to Annapolis Royal. Prospective immigrants who have the skills and experience targeted by Nova Scotia may be nominated to immigrate through this program. Receiving a Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Certificate speeds up the overall immigration process. The Government of Canada also has a lot of information about working in Canada including an online application that helps determine your eligibility for coming to Canada as a skilled immigrant.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is also accepting applications for anyone who has secured a full-time, non-seasonal job offer from a designated employer.

“I feel like you’ve left something out about moving to Annapolis Royal…”

We think we’ve got you completely covered with everything above, but you might want to know more about starting a business in Annapolis Royal  or about what rural economic development support is available to you – AIRO (Annapolis Investments in Rural Opportunity) can help you with that. Looking for a job in the area? These sites will help. Or maybe you’re wondering about the climate of Annapolis Royal – it’s warmer than most people expect!

Still wondering about moving to Annapolis Royal? Simply e-mail CAO Sandi Millett-Campbell-Campbell and she’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. So, what’s stopping you? Take the time to reach out, and…

Come Home to Annapolis Royal – There’s Peace in the Valley!

Come Home to Annapolis Royal - There's peace in the Valley!

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