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Public Consultation Presentation – November 23, 2023

November 23, 2023 – Flood Adaptation and Asset Management

A public meeting was held on November 23, 2023 where AIM Network and Landscape Architect gave a presentation on the Flood Risk Assessment and Adaptation Concepts.

2023-11-23 AR Public Meeting


March 2023 – Annapolis Royal Flood Risk Assessment

The Town of Annapolis Royal (Annapolis Royal) has commissioned this report to propose adaptation measures to protect the Town from inland flooding of the Annapolis River. Several reports have been completed in the past to study the effects of inland flooding and effects of climate change on the Town’s infrastructure. This report proposes a clear path forward to mitigate risk at this National Historic Site from catastrophic floodwaters and proposes solutions that are adaptable to the uncertain impacts of climate change over the next eighty years.

20230302_AR_Flood Risk Assessment_Draft_RevD (1)

Appendix A (1)

Appendix B (1)

Appendix C Flood Map 2023 01 02 (1)

Appendix C 5.01m

Appendix C 5.15m

Appendix C 5.32m

Appendix C 5.79m

Appendix C 6.71m

Appendix D (1)



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