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Maps & Planning Documents

Annapolis Royal has developed and maintained a number of planning maps over the years. To demonstrate their designed and potential uses we have clipped a portion of each map to show you. To view a larger version and the supporting Legend ‘click’ on the relevant link below.

The full ‘official’ version of these maps, and their supporting documentation, is available in hard copy at Town Hall. The web-optimized ‘unofficial’ version is available on this site in Adobe Acrobat format for public usage.

DISCLAIMER – The information contained in these maps is for demonstration purposes only and may be inaccurate. The Town of Annapolis Royal accepts no liability for any loss or damage of any kind for whatever reason arising out of any inaccuracies in the information.


Land Use Bylaw (LUB) & Related Maps

Zoning Map (Schedule ‘A’)
The Zoning Map shows all properties in Annapolis Royal and the assigned Zoning Code or name. Examples of these are (R1) Residential Light Density and (C3) Heritage Commercial.

Land Use ByLaw
The Land Use By-law document has detailed descriptions of permitted land uses, lot size requirements and other important legal attributes of each lot in Annapolis Royal. The attributes are found easily by referring to sections of the LUB document that describe each zoning code.


Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) & Related Maps

Generalized Future Land Use Map
The Annapolis Royal Generalized Future Land Use Map (GFLUM) is a representation of the future development pattern of land uses that are now the policy of the Town.

Generalized Existing Land Use Map
The Generalized Existing Land Use Map is a visual reference to land use existing presently on each parcel within the Town.

Transportation Map
A Transportation Map is an official part of the Municipal Planning Strategy. Importantly, the Transportation Map depicts the road pattern, road network and road hierarchy. Arterials, collectors and local roads are shown as they exist and are proposed in the future.

Development Potential Map
Not all parcels of land can be developed easily or safely. The Development Potential Map helps with a graphic reference of what to expect from different parcels. In some circumstances engineering may overcome parcels with low development potential.

Existing Services Map
Existing water, sewer, storm sewer and similar infrastructure is available in digital map form to yield easy to use public works data.

Recreation Map
The sample Recreation Map shows some of the recreation amenities within the Town. The entire digital Map depicts such elements as trails, nature conservation areas, playgrounds, sports facilities, theatres and areas of cultural interest.

Heritage Properties Map
Annapolis Royal has the highest proportion of its built environment of any municipality in Canada registered as heritage property. The Heritage Properties shows federal, provincial and municipally registered properties and the Annapolis Royal National Historic District.

Municipal Planning Strategy
The Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) is sometimes referred to as the Town Plan or General Plan. The MPS document includes many maps, such as those shown here. Additionally, the MPS provides text describing policies and planning explanations about future growth, development, heritage and environmental preservation for Annapolis Royal.

Within the MPS, planning is based with a strong reliance on understanding Annapolis Royal’s past and present. Discussions and evaluation often occur in the text of the MPS that refer to the present or existing land uses and development patterns.

Transportation Policies are found in the MPS document. These policies and the explanations provided with them give the rationale and framework for local transportation planning.

The MPS has text description about soils, slopes, water table and many other biophysical attributes of land that combine to make certain parcels more suitable for development than others.

The policies and background text in the MPS provide detail and explanation about the infrastructure in the Town of Annapolis Royal – its placement, expansion, maintenance and costs.

Policies and text about the Town recreation inventory, its growth and development complement the data provided by the MPS Recreation Map.

As one of only seven designated National Historic Districts in Canada, Annapolis Royal needs policies to protect and enhance this distinction. The MPS describes the area’s 400 year heritage and the plan for appropriate economic growth and conservation.

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