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First Nations


The founding people of Nova Scotia, there is evidence of the Mi’kmaq inhabiting Nova Scotia dating back 9,000 to 11,000 years ago. The Mi’kmaq have a long history in Annapolis Royal and the surrounding areas and archeologists have identified several settlement periods.

The Mi’kmaq, part of the Algonquin peoples who lived in northeastern North America, lived in Kespukwik, and area whihchwas later renamed by the Europeans as Annapolis Royal and the Annapolis Valley. Archeologists have identified several settlement periods spanning thousands of years. The first indigenous peoples’ lifestyles were influenced by the land and the ecosystems were influenced by the livelihoods of the people. There is a strong tradition of innovation connected to the homelands. Technology, design, food, art, practices, clothing, and beliefs can all be tied to the natural resources of the area.

To learn more details of the rich Mi’kmaq culture and heritage, please visit some of the following resources:

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