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RURAL RENAISSANCE: How Canada’s Oldest Town Reinvented Itself…

This documentary captures the story of the Annapolis Royal Development Commission and its impactful projects that now, 40 years later, are still the backbone of the community.

Spearheaded by Jane Nicholson and AIRO, with the support of filmmaker Andrew Tolson and researcher Wilfred Allan, what started out as a short video for the community became an hour-long documentary to show what is truly possible when a community comes together.

Community and economic development in rural Nova Scotia is a long process. This documentary shares the impact of a project begun over 40 years ago and shows how the community continues to benefit from those efforts today. The documentary also acts as a touchpoint for future generations to consider when they look back 40 years from now. And – spoiler alert – we may have some opportunities coming in 2022 for conversations about how things could play out for our community 40 years forward!


Annapolis Royal had the honour of being first on Maclean’s list “Canada 2014: 10 Places You’ve Got to See”. We’re proud to have been joined by many other spectacular locations in Canada.

Visit Canada 2014: Places You’ve Got To See to view all of the delightful and unexpected locations our country has to offer in this beautifully produced series.

The producer of the “Meet You in Annapolis Royal” 5-part promotional series of videos was Edifice Media.

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