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National Parks and Sites

One of the biggest draws to Annapolis Royal and the surrounding area is the many Historic Properties and National Historic Sites. This is why Annapolis Royal seems to have a history that is very much alive today – and the community makes a large part of this happen.

Fort Anne National Historic Site

This Fort and grounds reflects the French and English periods of domination in Annapolis Royal. Features well preserved earthwork fortifications, an early 18th century French gunpowder magazine and 1797 British officers’ quarters. An impressive Heritage Tapestry (8 ft by 18 ft) depicts 400 years of history.
Phone at (902) 532-2397, send an email, or visit their website.

Sinclair Inn National Historic Site

This structure, built in 1710, is the oldest surviving example of Acadian construction techniques open to the public. In 1738, the building was used by Erasmus Phillips as the first meeting hall of the Masonic Lodge in Canada. The site offers a fascinating insight into construction techniques spanning nearly three centuries, from the Acadian clay walls to modern wood paneling. Phone at (902) 532-7754, send an email, or visit their website.

Port Royal National Historic Site

A reconstruction of the original Port Royal Habitation (1605), a french fur-trading post built by the company of Sieur de Mons and Samuel Champlain. Costumed interpreters bring Port Royal to life. Visit their website.

Lequille Grist Mill

A replica of North America’s first grist mill, constructed in 1607.

Kejimkujik National Park

A 380 square kilometre nature preserve where visitors may enjoy camping, canoeing and hiking along the wooded lakes and rivers. One of the jewels of the Parks Canada system. Visit their website.

Melanson Settlement National Historic Site of Canada

The Melanson Settlement was an Acadian family settlement located on the north shore of the Dauphin (now Annapolis River), 6.5 km down river from the present day Town of Annapolis Royal. Like the other Acadian settlements scattered along the river, the Melanson Settlement was an agricultural community where family members and neighbors worked co-operatively in the distinctive dykeland agriculture. Located off Highway 1 near Annapolis Royal and 6 km west of Granville Ferry. Open mid-May to mid-October. No admission. Phone at (902) 532-2321 or visit their website.

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