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Travel Policy

DEPARTMENT: All Departments

TITLE: Travel Policy



To set out a policy of the Town of Annapolis Royal to reimburse any authorized individual who is required to travel on Town business.  An authorized individual could be an employee, elected official, appointed committee member or anyone appointed to travel for town business on behalf of the Town.  All expense submissions must be submitted in the fiscal year in which they are incurred.  All reimbursement for travel and professional development will be paid in the form of a cheque.


The following travel expenses will be eligible for reimbursement from the Town, provided such expense is incurred in the course of carrying out duties and responsibilities associated with their employment and duly authorized by the Department Head or CAO.  In an effort to minimize travel costs, car-pooling is encouraged when possible. Prior Approval Form (Schedule B) is required for out of Province travel and where travel is outside of any budgeted travel. Schedule D expense reimbursement is to be used by all staff.

  1. Town-owned Vehicle – Upon approval of the Department Head, and if a Town-owned vehicle is available for Town business for the Public Works or Police Department, the employee will use this vehicle for their travel needs. Persons authorized to drive Town-owned vehicles must have a valid driver’s license.  Employees shall not use Town-owned vehicles for personal travel.  Any variance to this can only be done upon approval by the CAO.
  1. Privately Owned Vehicle – The Town will reimburse any authorized individual for the use of privately owned vehicles on Town business. Reimbursement will be made using the Mileage Rate for the Province of Nova Scotia (Section A – Regular Rates) in effect on the date of travel.
  2. Insurance – To ensure that any authorized individual is adequately protected, privately owned vehicles used for Town business shall, as a minimum, have basic insurance coverage. The authorized individual is responsible for payment of their respective insurance and liability premiums.  The Town assumes no financial responsibility beyond payment of the authorized kilometre rate and that, in the event of an accident, the Town assumes no responsibility for the deductible amounts related to comprehensive or collision coverage. In the event the authorized person does not have adequate coverage, the Town does not assume responsibility.
  3. Accommodation – Authorized individuals will be reimbursed for actual accommodation costs

incurred while on Town business.  Authorized individuals should request government rates whenever possible.  Receipts are required for all accommodation charges.  Only room accommodations are covered.  Room amenities such as use of the mini-bar, movies, and etc., are not covered.

Authorized individuals who use private accommodations while on Town business will be reimbursed $30 per night.  No receipt is required.

  1. Meals – For each full day of travel, an authorized individual shall be reimbursed the total

allowance shown on Schedule A for meals.  Alcohol is not an eligible expense item.

For partial days, the authorized individual shall be reimbursed at the separate meal allowance rates.  Related amounts for partial days of travel shall be prorated according to the current meal breakdown.  In order to claim for a full day, the employee/elected official must leave at 7:00 am or prior and return later than 7:00 pm using the Incidental and Meals Per Diem Rates (Section A – Reimbursement Rates) in effect on the date of travel.

Reimbursement for meals shall not be claimed where meals are included as a part of registration fees for conferences or seminars, etc.

It is expected that from time to time Senior Management and elected officials may incur costs to facilitate the conduct of official Town business.  Such costs may include conference room rentals, equipment rentals, hospitality and other related service costs.  Such costs shall be reimbursed and all such claims shall state the purpose of the costs and the number of persons involved. The persons’ names should be written on the back of all receipts.  Receipts must be submitted and, where costs are more than $100, prior approval is required by the CAO.

  1. Air Travel – The Town will reimburse for air travel and related fees (receipt required) at the

economy rate to scheduled service airport nearest destination. Pre-approval is required.

  1. Car Rental – Reimbursement will be made for rental of car at destination. Attempts should be

made to acquire economy type of transportation. Additional Insurance must be purchased (including $2M Liability).  (Receipts required.)

  1. Taxi/Shuttles – Taxi/shuttle fares to and from accommodation to place of business as well as from airport to accommodation, etc. (Receipts required.)

Bus fares are covered under incidentals.

  1. Parking/Tolls – Highways and bridge tolls, parking fees. Receipts required if charges are over $10 per day. Meter based parking are covered under incidentals.
  2. Incidentals – Where an authorized individual is travelling on the Town’s business and overnight

accommodations have been authorized and used; the authorized individual will be reimbursed an allowance as set out in Schedule A per overnight stay to cover miscellaneous out-of-pocket expenses. This includes telephone calls, bus fares, etc..

  1. Registration fees – Expenditures for conference registration, etc. (Receipt required.)

Excursions or personal type entertainment fees are not eligible for reimbursement.

  1. Travel Advance – The Town does not routinely issue travel advances. If there are extenuating circumstances, a minimum advance of $200 may be approved by the CAO or Director of Finance when anticipated costs equal $200 or greater. (Schedule C)
  2. Spouses – The Town of Annapolis Royal is not responsible for the costs of travel, lodging, meals,

registration, etc. of the spouses when they are accompanying the employee to a conference or meeting.  Exceptions related to reimbursements of costs will be considered for events at which a spouse is normally expected to attend and prior approval of the CAO is obtained.

  1. Any violations under Municipal/Federal/Provincial acts or statues will not be reimbursed.

Fraudulent irregularity, misuse or misappropriation of funds may give rise without limitation disciplinary action not excluding termination.

All authorized individuals must adhere to this documented policy and

report any suspicious activity or potential misuse of funds.

Travel Policy signed

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