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Our Town Crier

Town Crier Peter Crofton Davies and Escort Valerie Davies
Junior Town Crier Maura Scranton

A Town Crier was appointed by the civil authorities, often the Mayor, to keep the citizens informed of matters of national and local importance – anything from Royal events, wars, taxation, and minor misdemeanours, even lost dogs.

The Town Crier, being a true, trusted Royalist, was also often empowered to uphold the law. In fact, it was once a treasonable offence to assault or interfere with a Town Crier in the execution of his duty.

Today, our Town Crier provides a warm welcome to visiting dignitaries in addition to delivering dozens of proclamations annually on behalf of the Town of Annapolis Royal.

Always available for local events and having won many competitions, Peter Davies and his lovely escort Valerie Davies, along with our Junior Town Crier Maura Scranton, make wonderful representatives for the Town of Annapolis Royal.

In September 2017, the Annapolis Valley hosted an International Town Criers Competition where twenty five of the top competitive Town Criers in the world will converge on the Annapolis Valley.

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