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The Annapolis Royal Police has a long history of serving the Town of Annapolis Royal.

Our first documented officer was Rose Fortune. ( Circa 1825 )

She began working as a baggage carrier, transporting luggage and provisions from ships, which she would deliver in her wheelbarrow. Later, she implemented a rudimentary “wake-up call” service in which she would alert people at nearby inns in danger of missing departing ships. Fortune also imposed and enforced curfews at the wharves and the surrounding area, hence enforcing the law at early Annapolis Royal. Many consider her the first policewoman in Canada.

Rose Fortune

Rose Fortune (March 13, 1774 – February 20, 1864)

Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management, 1850

Noted for her vigorous protection of her clients’ property, she soon became the town’s unofficial waterfront police officer circa 1825

SOME OF THE HISTORIC PICTURES OF OFFICERS WHO SERVED THE TOWN SINCE ROSE FORTUNE ( please note this will be updated with new pictures as we obtain them)

Richard (Paul) Burke  was an officer in the late 70s  and his wife Anita Burke helped with the police department phones as did all the officers wives.
All officers had a phone fitted in the house for the office so they could be answered after hours, it was an expectation of the job at that time that the wives would do this valuable role. They also had CB radios fitted to the house or their cars which they bought themselves in order to communicate with the CB radios the officers had in the car.

Richard known as Paul is pictured below in the police office working at the desk and standing beside the town police car at the time. both circa 1978.


Today the Annapolis Royal Police Service still serves proudly the residents and visitors of the small Town of Annapolis Royal deep in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia.
The police service today has both sworn and auxiliary officers.

The Annapolis Royal Police Service is governed by the Annapolis Police Commission under the authority of the Nova Scotia Police Act. The Police Commission, which meets monthly, consists of in total five representatives that are selected from the Town Council and the community along with an appointed representative from the Province. The Chief of Police is directly responsible to the Police Commission and thereby the citizens of Annapolis Royal.

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