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Budget, Financial Statements, & Strategic Planning


The 2021-22 Budget was approved at the May 17, 2021 Council meeting. The Capital Budget was amended at the June 21, 2021 Council meeting. The approved Operating Budget is $2,188,959.11 and the approved amended Capital Budget is $416,000.00. The tax rates of $1.70 for residential and $3.20 for commercial will remain the same.

For a breakdown of the budgets, please click here: General Operating Budget 2021-2022, Capital Budget 2021- 2022, 2nd Amendment Capital Funds 2021-2022

MOTION #C2021-05-17-04
It was moved by Deputy Mayor Power, seconded by Councilor Sanford that Council approves the $2,188,959.11 Town Operating budget for 2021-2022 with tax rates remaining unchanged at $1.70 and $3.20 respectively for Residential and Commercial. Motion Carried.  

MOTION #C2021-06-21-07
It was moved by Councillor Hafting, seconded by Councillor Tompkins that Council agrees to amend the general capital budget for an additional $7,500 for the new pump for the Railbed Pumping Station and $3,500 to continue the transition of the PROS ARPD software from the RCMP to in-house for a total of $416,000 in the 2021-22 general capital budget which is largely to be funded from Gas Tax funds. Motion carried.

Audited Financial Statements           

The Audited Financial Statements for the 2019/20 budget year can be viewed in the PDF copy, prepared by Morse Brewster Lake.

Signed Audited Financial Statements – March 31 2021

Strategic Planning

The Town has completed a strategic plan and approved Town Council approved the final draft at the Council meeting on June 21, 2021. To view it, please click below:

Approved Strategic Plan – June 2021

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