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Budget, Financial Statements, & Strategic Planning


The 2020-21 Budget was approved at the May 19, 2020 Council meeting. The amended budget was approved at the September 21, 2020 Council meeting. The approved amended Operating Budget is $2,009,783.34 and the approved Capital Budget is $202,400.00. The tax rates of $1.70 for residential and $3.20 for commercial have been adopted.

For a breakdown of the budgets, please click here: General Operating Budget 2020-2021, General Capital Budget 2020-2021

MOTION #C2020-09-21-11

It was moved by Deputy Mayor Power, seconded by Councillor Kinsella to approve the amended September 2020-2021 General Operating Budget with line number 341 Road and Streets increasing to $40,000 and line number 504 Capital Reserve decreasing to $144,500 for the budget to total in the amount of $2,009,783.34, with tax rates remaining at $1.70 and $3.20 respectively for residential and commercial.

Motion Carried.

MOTION #C2020-09-21-12

It was moved by Councillor Kinsella, seconded by Councillor Hafting to approve the $202,400 amended General Capital Budget for 2020- 2021 of which $151,800 is earmarked for the Intersection/paving project at the Firehall/Fortier Mills. This project is to be paid out of gas tax funds.

Motion Carried.

DRAFT 2021-2022 Budgets

DRAFT 2021-22 Operating Budget

DRAFT 2021-22 Capital Budget

Audited Financial Statements           

The Audited Financial Statements for the 2019/20 budget year can be viewed in the PDF copy, prepared by Morse Brewster Lake.

Signed Audited Financial Statements – March 31 2020

Strategic Planning

The Town is currently in the process of undertaking a strategic review.  Public input has been sought as part of this process. Once the review is completed, the new Strategic Plan will appear here.

Download the latest version of the Annapolis Royal Strategic Plan – December 22, 2010

SPECIAL FIND! Heritage Conservation and Economic Development 1976 – Download Now!

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