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Appointments to Boards, Committees, and Task Forces

Policy No.: 2017-3

Supersedes: 2002-2

Effective Date: February 21, 2017

Approval By Council Motion No.: 12

To permit boards, committees and task forces to recruit members to assist in fulfilling the mandate of various boards, committees and task forces.

This policy applies to boards, committees and task forces of the Town only.

Policy Statement:

  1. All legislated, regulatory or mandatory requirements for appointments to boards and committees will be followed and care will be taken by the appropriate chair to ensure that there is continuity.
  2. Each board, committee or task force will be free to recruit any needed skill sets that will allow it to fulfill its mandate.
  3. Where there are vacancies on a board, committee or task force that have not been filled by invitation, the Chair shall advise the Town and an appropriate ad will be placed in the local newspaper.
  4. All memberships shall be approved by Council annually in November, on the recommendation of the Chair, or more often, as required.
  5. The election of Chair and Vice-Chair of all boards, committees, and task forces will occur at the first meeting following the membership approval by Council or as required due to a Chair or Vice-Chair resignation.

Appointments to Boards Committees and Task Forces Policy- Signed

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