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Arts and Culture

Policy No.: 2006 – 5
Effective Date: October 16, 2006
Approval By Council Motion No.: 4

The purpose of this policy is to establish the place of arts and culture in the life of Annapolis Royal, and as such, to acknowledge arts and culture as one of the means by which the Town commits to enhancing the quality of life of its citizens and visitors. This policy will also assist the Town in its decision-making with respect to tangible support for arts and culture – including investment, in-kind assistance, promotion, planning, and development.

Policy Statement:
The Town of Annapolis Royal recognizes the importance of being, and being seen externally as, a ‘creative’ Town. Council agrees that arts and culture (including heritage) are key factors in attracting and retaining artists, entrepreneurs, educators, and other professionals. The Town also recognizes the importance of the arts & culture presence as a significant industry in the area that needs to be supported and enhanced whenever possible. Accordingly Council will:

  1. Give due consideration to providing grants and other tangible ongoing support systems to artists, arts and cultural groups, and special events located in Annapolis Royal;
  2. Support, and continue to support, key non-profit arts and culture institutions, organizations, groups, annual festivals, parades, and other special events;
  3. Encourage private sector developers, Annapolis area municipalities and other levels of government and government agencies to support arts and cultural organizations and events in a similar manner.

The Town will help to maintain and develop necessary arts and cultural infrastructure, both physical and organizational, to support the rich diversity of arts and the community.

Public buildings, facilities, displays and spaces (both ‘built’ and ‘natural’) act as showplaces for what is uniquely Annapolis Royal. The landscape and heritage of Annapolis Royal not only attract visitors; they stimulate and inspire artists, writers and performers. The Town has a responsibility to support, maintain, and develop the distinctive natural and built features of Annapolis Royal.

Arts & Culture Policy- Signed

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