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  1. All words used in this bylaw have the same meaning as defined in the Building Code Act and the regulations prescribed pursuant to it.
  2. Before a building permit, occupancy permit or demolition permit is issued, an application must complete an application in the form set out in Schedule ‘A’, annexed hereto.
  3. Every application for a permit shall:
    1. identify and describe in detail the work and occupancy to be covered by the permit for which application is made;
    2. describe the land on which the work is to be done by a description that will readily identify and locate the building lot;
    3. include plans and specifications as required by the Building Code and show the occupancy of all parts of the building;
    4. state the valuation and square footage of the proposed work and be accompanied by the required fee; and
    5. state the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the owner, architect, professional engineer or other designer and constructor.
  4. When an application for a permit has not been completed in conformance with the requirements of this bylaw within six months after it is filed, the application shall be deemed to have been abandoned.
  5. A permit is valid for one (1) year from the date of issue and is renewable.
  6. Before issuing a building permit, the authority having jurisdiction shall be satisfied that a development permit has been issued pursuant to the Land Use Bylaw of the Town of Annapolis Royal.
  7. Before issuing a demolition permit, the authority having jurisdiction shall be satisfied that the building is not subject to the provisions of a bylaw passed pursuant to the Heritage Property Act or that permission for the demolition has been obtained from Annapolis District Planning Commission.
  8. A permit for a temporary building:
    1. shall state the date after which the permit is no longer valid; and
    2. the conditions under which the permit may be extended in writing.
    1. Where in order to expedite work, approval of a portion of a building is desired prior to issuance of a permit for the whole project, application shall be made for the complete project and plans and specifications covering the portion of the work for which immediate approval is desired shall be filed.
    2. Should a permit be issued for part of a building, the holder of the permit may proceed, but without any assurance that the permit for the entire building will be granted.
    3. Any permit issued for part only of a building shall be clearly marked as only, and shall also indicate that a permit for the entire building is not assured.
    1. A permit may be issued at the risk of the owner, with conditions to ensure compliance with the Building Code, to excavate or to construct a portion of a building before all the plans of the project have been submitted or accepted.
    2. The permit shall be clearly marked “At Owner’s Risk”.
    1. A permit for a whole project may be issued conditional upon the submission of additional information prior to commencing work for which the information is pertinent, provided that the information is of such a nature that withholding the permit until the information was available would delay the work unreasonably.
    2. The condition shall be set out on the face of the permit.
  9. Fees for permits shall be as follows:
      1. New construction of and additions to residential buildings, community centres, cottages and churchesFifteen dollars ($15.00 ) plus ten cents ($.10 ) per square foot (based on all useable
        floor area of new construction or addition )
      2. New construction of and additions to commercial, industrial, and other buildings not otherwise specifiedFifteen dollars ($15.00 ) plus fifteen cents ($.15 ) per square (based on all useable floor area of new construction or addition )
      3. New construction of and additions to sheds, decks, shell storage buildings, garages, barns, and forestry or fishing buildings not designed for human occupancyFifteen dollars ($15.00 ) plus six cents ($.06 ) per square foot (based on all useable
        floor area of new construction or addition )
      4. Repairs, renovations or alterations to all existing buildingsFifteen dollars ($15.00 ) plus four dollars ( $4.00 ) per one thousand dollars ($1000.00 ) of estimated value of construction work
      5. Location or re- location of an existing structure or mobile homeFifty Dollars ( $ 50.00 )
      6. Construction or location of swimming pool including required fencingTwenty – five Dollars ( $ 25.00 )
      7. Renewal of an approved permitFifteen Dollars ( $ 15.00 )
      8. Demolition of building or structureFifteen Dollars ( $ 15.00 )
    1. All square footage under this section shall be calculated as follows:
      1. buildings intended for human occupancy shall include all useable floor space
      2. buildings not intended for human occupancy shall be based on the area of the main floor
    2. Permit fees shall be refunded in situations and proportions as follows:
      1. applications never completed, retained fee $ 25.00, balance refunded
      2. permit denied, retained fee $25.00, balance refunded
      3. permit revoked or abandoned before work commenced, 50% ( fifty percentage ) of fee refunded
      4. permit revoked or abandoned after work commenced, no refund
    3. The authority having jurisdiction shall be notified by telephone or mail at least 24 hours in advance and given an opportunity to inspect at the stages of construction as set out in Part 5 of the Provincial Building Code Regulations.
    4. Building Bylaw No. 108 filed with the former Department of Municipal Affairs on the 24th day of November, 1994 is hereby repealed. This bylaw is effective date of publishing.
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