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Contractors on Town Property – Not Hired by the Town

Policy No.: 2010 – 1


Effective Date: June 22, 2010

Approval By Council Motion No.: 11

The purpose of this policy is to ensure compliance under the Provincial Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations in addressing the issues of public safety and the safety of Town staff. This new policy would fall under the category of Occupational Health & Safety – Individual Responsibilities Section I, Part III which will distinguish between Town hired contractors and those that are not.

Further, this policy to set consistent guidelines to govern each application for a permit through ADPC where the work to be carried out is on Town property:

    1. Establishing a procedure for ADPC to direct any applicant meeting the criteria as
      laid out in the policy to contact the Town;
    2. Establishing a procedure for ADPC to relay this information, in a timely manner,
      to the Town;
    3. Establishing the requirements to be met by the Town to satisfy the OH&S issues;

“CONTRACTOR” – an individual, company or firm that has been hired by someone other than the Town to carry out work that impacts on town property.

Policy Statement:
First and foremost, the liabilities and responsibilities of ensuring compliance with this policy are those of the individuals or company that hire the contractor.

When the contractor(s) or property owner(s) applies to ADPC for a permit, it will be determined at this stage of the process whether the work being carried out is or is not on Town property. If so, ADPC will provide a copy of this Policy to the applicant and direct them to contact the Town. In order to have the process flow, the Town would request ADPC to notify the Town of the applicants name and location of the work to be done; thus providing the Town with the information necessary to pursue each project.

Contractor(s) responsibilities are:

    1. To meet with CAO of the Town and Superintendent of Public Works to discuss the nature of the project: timelines, special needs (location of water or sewer lines), any work that may disrupt Public Works Dept in performing their regular duties, etc. (i.e. assessing any impact on the daily functions of the Town).
    2. To provide documentation of: Workers’ Compensation coverage, liability insurance, Company’s Occupational Health & Safety Policy and risk management assessment process that will address public safety concerns.
    3. Any work being carried out on Town property requires written permission obtained from the Town. Attached is the Town approval form.
    4. To provide emergency contact name and numbers.
    5. To have proper workplace signage should the project warrant, ie: blockage of sidewalks or impeding of traffic, etc.
    6. Should the project require street closures, the contractor must contact the local Traffic Authority as well as all emergency services: EHS, RCMP and Fire Dept.

The applicant shall purchase and maintain third party liability insurance acceptable to the Town of Annapolis Royal throughout the term of this Agreement. Unless otherwise specified, the terms of the insurance shall be from the date of commencement of set- up or assembly for the Event until the date of completion of all related activities. Such coverage shall protect the Town of Annapolis Royal against all claims for all damages or injury including death to any person or persons and for damage to any property of the Town of Annapolis Royal or any other public or private property resulting from or arising out of any act or omission on the part of the applicant or any of his or her servants or agents.

Coverage shall consist of a comprehensive policy of public liability and property damage insurance for the project. Such insurance shall name the Town of Annapolis Royal as additional insured thereunder. Such insurance shall be extended to include the following endorsements: Blanket Contractual Liability and Cross Liability with a Severability of Interests Clause. If applicable, such insurance shall state that coverage will not be suspended, voided, cancelled, reduced in coverage or in limits except after thirty (30) days prior written notice by certified mail to the Town of Annapolis Royal.

Town Roles & Responsibilities:

    1. CAO of the Town will assess each individual project to determine the roles & responsibilities of all parties involved.
    2. CAO to notify Town Public Works Dept & Front Office – Information purposes.
    3. Provide confirmation to ADPC that contact has been made by contractor with a copy of the Town approval form.
    4. To create a file for each separate project, file to contain:
      1. Copy of permit
      2. Copy of Town approval form
      3. Property owner name & contact numbers cc: PW Dept
      4. Contractor’s name and contact numbers cc: PW Dept
      5. Documentations from contractor as per policy
      6. Meeting notes, faxes, or other documentation pertaining to the project.

Note: all necessary documentation is complete and available during the duration of any given project.

Contractors on Town Property- Not Hired by the Town Policy- Signed

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