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Council Remuneration

Policy No.: 2013-2
Effective Date: July 1, 2013
Date Approval By Council: June 8 2013


Pursuant to Section 23 (1) (d) of the Municipal Government Act, the Town of Annapolis Royal establishes a policy fixing the annual remuneration to be paid to the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and each Councillor of the Town.


  • “Fiscal year” means any twelve (12) month period beginning on April 1 of one year and ending on March 31 of the following year.
  • “Town” means the Town of Annapolis Royal.
  • “CPI” means Consumer Price Index for the Province of Nova Scotia, as determined and published by Statistics Canada.
  • “Council Members” means the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and each Councillor of the Town
  • “General Operating Revenues” means the total of revenues from municipal taxes, grants in lieu of taxes, unconditional transfers from other governments, sale of services, and other own source revenue; accounted for in accordance with Canadian public sector accounting standards, and reported on the Operations Statement for the General Fund in the Town’s annual financial statements.

Policy Statement:

    1. The annual remuneration to be paid to the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor, and Councillor of the Town beginning on July 1, 2013, shall be as follows:
      1. Mayor – $10,500
      2. Deputy Mayor – $6,700
      3. Each Councillor – $5,000
    2. Effective at the beginning of each fiscal year subsequent to the fiscal year beginning on April 1, 2013, the annual remuneration to be paid to Council Members may be adjusted by the average annual CPI change for the twelve (12) months in the immediately preceding calendar year.
    3. During the first three months (January-March) of 2015, and each four years thereafter, the amount of remuneration paid to Council Members may be reviewed. The review process will include, but need not be restricted to:
        1. a survey of remuneration paid to elected officials for municipalities of similar size, level of service, responsibility;
        2. an assessment of the Town’s performance for at least the two preceding years, where consideration shall be given to matters such as:
          1. financial performance in relation to budget,
          2. economic growth as indicated by changes in the level of taxable assessment and otherwise,
          3. achievement of goals and objectives in relation to the Town’s Strategic plan, Integrated Community Sustainability Plan, and like planning documents,
          4. external awards and recognitions, and
          5. “municipal indicator” measurements published by Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Affairs
        3. stakeholder input that shall be obtained via publication of a notice of Council’s intention to review the level of remuneration to be paid to Council Members, and an invitation for members of the public to provide feedback on the matter.
    4. Following completion of a review as provided for at 3. above and if considered warranted on the basis of such review, Council may by resolution amend the amounts fixed for annual remuneration to be paid to Council Members. If Council Member remuneration is so amended, the change shall become effective on April 1 of the Fiscal Year that begins immediately following the review.
    5. Notwithstanding anything else herein contained, the aggregate for remuneration to be paid to all Council Members during any one Fiscal Year shall not exceed 2.5% of General Operating Revenues for the immediately preceding Fiscal Year.
    6. In accordance with Section 81(3) of the Income Tax Act , one-third of the annual remuneration paid to each Council Member will be a tax-exempt allowance for expenses incidental to the discharge of his/her duties as a Council Member.

Council Remuneration Policy- Signed

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