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Emergency Service Provider Registration

Policy No.: 2008-3
Effective Date: March 17, 2008
Approval By Council Motion No.: 12


To comply with the provisions of Section X of the Municipal Government Act.


Town means Town of Annapolis Royal

Policy Statement:

This policy applies to all providers of Emergency Services, including fire services, emergency medical services, water rescue, search and rescue, and assistance and protection for people and property in the event of disasters, both natural and man-made, including but not limited to floods, hurricanes, motor vehicle accidents and chemical spills.

Part X, Municipal Government Act.

Emergency services are provided in the Town by the Annapolis Royal Volunteer Fire Department and EHS. The Town supports the provision of Emergency Services, financially and otherwise.

This policy is intended to ensure that the Town has a current record of which services and where the services are provided. The policy is also intended to provide a process for the Town to know that registered service providers meet minimum standards, as standards are developed and revised.

Emergency Service Providers are required to comply with this policy in order to be eligible for Town assistance.

The policy is a requirement of the Municipal Government Act.

Emergency Service Providers are required to complete and submit the appended “Application for Registration as a Fire Department or Emergency Service Provider under the Municipal Government Act”.

The Application for Registration requires the submission of the following information:

  1. Service Provider Name
  2. Service Provider Contact and Address
  3. Service Provider Incorporation status
  4. Insurance carried by the Service Provider
  5. Communities or area protected by the Service Provider
  6. Information related to the nature of Emergency Service provided

At any time that information contained in the Registration changes, in form or in nature, the Emergency Service Provider is responsible for resubmitting the Registration information.

Emergency Services Provider Registration Policy- Signed

Download the Emergency Provider Application (PDF)

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