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Energy Management for Town Owned Buildings

Policy No.: 2008-6
Effective Date: August 18, 2008
Approval By Council Motion No.: 7

To minimize energy consumption in all buildings owned by the Town of Annapolis Royal.
To minimize the environmental footprint of the Town of Annapolis Royal.

Policy Statement:
It is the policy of the Town to identify and eliminate all unnecessary energy related expenses.
To this end, the following practices will be followed:


  1. Only Energy Star qualified lighting fixtures or replacement bulbs will be used. Energy Star rated bulbs use about 75% less energy than standard lighting, produce 75% less heat, and last up to 10 times longer.
  2. All exit lights must be LED lights since they use about 95% less electricity and last indefinitely.
  3. Controls must be in place to keep lights off in areas with high natural light levels.
  4. Any incandescent lights that are not dimmed and are on for substantial parts of the day must be replaced with screw in compact fluorescent lights.
  5. T-8 lamps with electronic ballasts will be installed. This will reduce the energy use of the existing T-12 strip fluorescents by about 40% and improve light quality.
  6. Exterior yard floodlights must be replaced with Energy Star qualified replacement bulbs which include LED bulbs.
  7. All lights shall be turned off when not in use. This includes all closets, file storage areas, corridors, offices, and external lighting except where this is required as a safety feature.
  8. A “lux meter” will be purchased to determine proper lighting in all areas of the Town Hall and other Town-owned buildings.
  9. Fluorescent tube lighting to be de-lamped, if necessary, after replacement bulbs and lux meter testing is complete.

Other Electrical
Power bars shall be used for all computers and all computers shall be turned off at the end of the day. Anything that plugs into the wall, except for computers, must remain unplugged when not in use. This includes the photocopier, fans, the microwave oven, radios, TV, etc.

Windows and Doors
All windows must be tightened up as much as possible. Windows will be systematically repaired and/or replaced to ensure optimum energy efficiency. Any replacement windows ordered in the future must include energy efficient features such as low-e glass, insulated spacers and argon gas fill. All doors must be in good repair, well insulated and weatherstripped.

Town Owned Vehicles
Town vehicles will not be left idling except in the case of a genuine emergency where vehicle power is required. A preventive maintenance program will be developed for each Town owned vehicle by August 31, 2008.

Waste Management
Town staff and all users of the building will observe five way waste separation:

  1. Containers, bottles and cans in blue bag
  2. Paper, cardboard, pizza boxes, and all paper rolls in separate blue bag
  3. Organics, including coffee grounds and wrappers, in composter
  4. Pop and juice cans for recycling
  5. Garbage in accordance with the Zero Waste policy in clear bag.

If additional waste separators are required, the Town will purchase these.

Thermostat setting standards for all rooms shall not exceed 20 degrees Celsius. Thermostat settings to remain constant and not to be completely shut off during evening and weekend hours.

Active Transportation
Staff are encouraged to walk to in-Town meetings.

All users of Town-owned buildings will be given a copy of this policy and asked to follow it.

Energy Management for Town Owned Buildings Policy- Signed

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