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Establishment of the Environment Advisory Committee

Policy No.: 2018-1
Supersedes: N/A
Effective Date: March 19, 2018
Approval By Council Motion No.: #C2018-MAR-19-08

Policy Statement:

1. Council hereby establishes the Environment Advisory Committee as a standing committee.

2. The mandate of the Environment Advisory Committee is to recommend proactive measures, educate, promote and provide feedback on environmental issues related to sustainability, advocacy and stewardship within the Town of Annapolis Royal. The Committee’s mandate:

  1. to review and update the Climate Protection Milestone 5 plan initially and annually;
  2. to implement the Climate Protection Milestone 5 plan and measure successes from the current plan;
  3. to work with The Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Partners for Climate Protection program;
  4. to identify opportunities and initiatives to Council;
  5. engage the community and seek funding opportunities, as approved by Council, relating to environmental issues and or projects;
  6. to take such other steps consistent with the Policy that the Committee reasonably deems necessary to carry out its mandate, as approved by Council;
  7. to bring forward to Council any budget requests relevant to carrying out its mandate;
  8. to advise and make recommendations to Council and to report to Council

3. The Committee is authorized by Council to form sub-committees or task forces to deal with a particular issue within the Committee’s mandate and that any sub-committee or task force be chaired by a member of the Environment Advisory Committee.

4. The Committee will meet a minimum of 4 times a year as decided by the Committee and Chair availability.

5. The Environment Advisory Committee shall have a maximum of five (5) members. Members shall consist of one (1) Council Member, one (1) member from the Clean Annapolis River Project with the remaining members being residents of Annapolis Royal and/or area who demonstrate a vested interest in the Town. Members will be appointed by Council for a two year term, and will be appointed in December.


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