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Facility Usage Agreement for Town Owned Facilities




Facilities Usage/Rental (Town owned properties)


Policy No.:  2019-03

Supersedes:  2018-12

Effective Date:  May 23, 2019        Approved by Council Motion No.: ___



To provide a policy for the use (rental) of the Town of Annapolis Royal’s Facilities during and after normal business hours.


Part 1

Facilities available for rent/use include:

  • Upper Level Boardroom – Council Chambers, 285 St. George Street
  • Programing Room A– Community Hub, 143 Ritchie Street
  • Programing Room B (with risers) – Community Hub, 143 Ritchie Street
  • Amphitheatre (Oqwa’titek)
  • Market Square
  • Gymnasium – Community Hub

Part 2

Each person or organization wishing to rent/use the facilities must submit a Facilities Usage Agreement. (Appendix A)

Part 3

Rental Fees will be in accordance with the Facilities Rental Fee Schedule. (Appendix B)

Part 4

All events at any of these locations must be reserved.

The Upper Level Boardroom, the Amphitheatre, and the Farmers’ Market Square must be reserved through the Administrative office.

The Gymnasium must be booked through the Town Recreation Department.

The Programing rooms must be booked through the Library staff.

Part 5

Rental/usage is subject to availability. The Town of Annapolis Royal reserves the right for refusal of use at their discretion.

Part 6

Facility usage agreement and application see Appendix A and short term rental rates see Appendix B.

Signed- Facility Usage Agreement Policy and Appendices

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