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122 St. George Street

122 St. George Street, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, B0S 1A0, Canada

Formally Recognized: 1982/08/24

Front Facade, 2017

Side Facade, 2017

South East Elevation

North East Elevation

North West Elevation

Other Name(s)
122 St. George Street
LeCain-Percy Property

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Construction Date(s)
1860/01/01 to 1860/12/31

Listed on the Canadian Register: 2006/01/14

Statement of Significance

Description of Historic Place

122 St. George Street, Annapolis Royal, N.S., is a one-and-one-half storey, one bay façade, Neo-classical style house. The pre-1860 building is located adjacent to the street on the south side of Lower St. George Street facing the Annapolis River with a view over the river. Both the building and the surrounding property are included in the municipal designation.

Heritage Value

Historic Value:

The historic value of 122 St. George Street, as recognized by its municipal designation, is its association with Frances LeCain, a master artificer and blacksmith who worked at Fort Anne in the 1740’s, and the LeCain family. Three generations of the LeCain family operated blacksmith shops on the north side of the St. George Street until they were sold in 1864. One of the shops was moved across the road in 1860 and remodelled into a residential dwelling, now 122 St. George Street.
122 St. George Street is also associated with Rufus Hardwick, a prominent lumber mill owner. Hardwick’s lumber mill was on this property from the 1890’s until 1935 when the mill failed due to the depression and was eventually torn down. Remains of the tunnel beneath St. George Street used for log haulage were visible as recently as 1982.

Architectural Value:

The building is valued for its simple Neo-classical design with a high gable end facing the street. The house is one-and-a half-storey with medium eaves and a central chimney. The walls are thick composition block with wood corner boards. The windows are simple double sash with four pane glazing with wood surrounds. The entrance is a plain wood door to the left of the front façade. The foundation is rough uncut stone and rubble.

Source: Heritage Property Files, Map #217, 122 St. George Street, Town Hall, Town of Annapolis Royal.

Character-defining Elements

Character Defining Elements of St. George Street relate to its original use as a blacksmith shop and for its Neo-classical style;

- rectangular mass;
- high gable roof;
- gable end facing street;
- composition block structure;
- uncut stone and rubble foundation;
- evidence of log tunnel;
- all original structural elements.


Nova Scotia

Recognition Authority
Local Governments (NS)

Recognition Statute
Heritage Property Act

Recognition Type
Municipally Registered Property

Recognition Date

Historical Information

Theme - Category and Type
Peopling the Land

Function - Category and Type

Single Dwelling

Metal Products Manufacturing Facility

Additional Information

Location of Supporting Documentation
Heritage Property Files, Town Hall, 285 St.George Street, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

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