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207-209 St. George Street

207-209 St. George Street, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, B0S 1A0, Canada

Formally Recognized: 1982/08/24

Front Facade, 2017

Side Facade, 2017

Rear Facade, 2017

North East Elevation

North Elevation

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Other Name(s)
King's Theatre
207-209 St. George Street

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Construction Date(s)
1921/01/01 to 1921/12/31

Listed on the Canadian Register: 2006/01/13

Statement of Significance

Description of Historic Place

207-209 St. George Street, Annapolis Royal, N.S., also known as King’s Theatre, was built in 1921, with substantial additions and modifications in 1981-1982. It has served as a theatre for most of its existence. It is located in the commercial district of Annapolis Royal, adjacent to the town wharf. The municipal designation includes the building and surrounding property.

Heritage Value

Historic, Social, and Cultural Value

The historic value of 207/209 St. George Street, as recognized by its municipal heritage designation, lies in its role as a major gathering place for entertainment in Annapolis Royal for over eighty years. After fire had destroyed the previous theatre, Arthur M. King, a prominent local entrepreneur, acquired property and constructed the present building, designed to be used for both motion pictures and live productions. As such, it was a major gathering place for the people of the town and surrounding countryside. The theatre also mirrors some of the significant economic developments of the town in the twentieth century. The Great Depression led to the collapse of Arthur King’s many business ventures, and the theatre passed to his creditors. The decline of the business district of lower St. George St. was reflected in the increasingly shabby and finally disreputable condition of the theatre. By the early 1970s it had ceased to function as a theatre and stood derelict. The building was one of the projects undertaken by the Annapolis Royal Development Commission in its efforts to revitalize the town, beginning in 1980. The theatre was acquired, refurbished and reopened for both movies and stage productions in 1982. Since then, it has served as a major cultural centre for the area and plays a major role in the social activities of the town.

Architectural Value

The architectural significance of King’s Theatre lies in its prominent position in the town, its Classical Revival styling and its high visibility from three sides. The large wood frame building, with wood shingled exterior, is a reflection of the confidence of its builder and the general optimism of the immediate post-war period. At the time, it was one of the largest buildings in town. The street façade has been modified several times, and an addition, to house washrooms and dressing rooms, was added in 1981. The street façade retains its original symmetrical appearance on the second storey, with balanced sets of windows flanking a set of three windows centrally placed.

Source: Heritage Property Files, Map #232, 207/209 St. George Street, Town Hall, Town of Annapolis Royal.

Character-defining Elements

The character-defining elements of King’s Theatre relate to its use as a theatre and its Classical Revival style and include:

- prominent location on lower St. George St., adjacent to the town wharf and near the Farmers’ Market;
- high visibility from the street in front, the wharf to the side and the waterfront boardwalk to the rear;
-high visibility from the opposite side of the Annapolis River;
- strong, rectangular façade;
- symmetrical positioning of the windows and doors, and brick pilasters, on the front façade;
- wood siding;
- wood windows;
- wood doors and trim.


Nova Scotia

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Local Governments (NS)

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Heritage Property Act

Recognition Type
Municipally Registered Property

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Expressing Intellectual and Cultural Life
Learning and the Arts
Expressing Intellectual and Cultural Life
Architecture and Design

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Auditorium, Cinema or Nightclub

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Location of Supporting Documentation
Heritage Property Files, Town Hall, 285 St.George Street, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

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