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Lieu Time

Policy No.: 2016-1
Effective Date: April 18, 2016
Approval By Council Motion No.: 10

Purpose: To provide clarification and rules surrounding accumulation and elimination of lieu time for all non-unionized employees of the Town of Annapolis Royal.

Definitions: Lieu time is defined as straight time off for time worked above normal hours of work, unless otherwise approved. The policy applies to non-union employees.  It is understood that non-union employees regularly work outside their normal working hours to assist the Town, committees and Council.  The Town recognizes this contribution and will compensate each non-union employee with time off in lieu of this time.


The objectives of the Lieu Time Policy will be to:

  1. Authorize when staff can bank lieu time
  1. provide timelines for using lieu time
  1. Define what is compensable

Policy Statement: 

It shall be the policy of the Town of Annapolis Royal to permit permanent staff to bank lieu time in the event of mandatory attendance at evening meetings.  Other requests for approved lieu time must be made to the CAO.  There are times when working through lunch may be required in order to meet a deadline or when working alone. These lunch times are the exception.  Working through lunch to accommodate afternoon appointments is not considered lieu time, but may happen from time to time.  No lieu time shall be accumulated to attend training sessions or conferences.  Flexibility is expected for travel.   Travel time will be made available.  Travel time is not compensable.

It is the preference of the Town for employees to leave work early the day of or start work later the following day, when required to attend evening meetings.  In this way, it ensures the Town’s employees are well rested for work each day.

The Supervisor shall sign off on all banked lieu time on a monthly basis and this will then be given to the Director of Finance.  The Director of Finance is responsible for administering the tracking of both banking and using of lieu time.

Subject to the approval of the Department Head, employees may be allowed to bank lieu time to a maximum of sixty (60) hours.  Such lieu time shall be accumulated from April 1 to March 31 of each year.  Each March 31st the employee will be given notice of the amount banked and it is to be used up by September 30th of each year.

Lieu time will be granted as leave with pay to compensate non-union employees for working outside their normal working hours.  Whenever possible, management will endeavor to ensure when lieu time is used, it will in no way incur overtime.

Lieu time cannot be claimed for any period of less than 30 minutes in a workday.  In order for the employee for the employee to be eligible to accumulate as lieu time, an employee’s immediate supervisor must authorize all time outside normal working hours before it is worked.  This accumulated lieu time may be taken in time off whenever it is mutually agreeable to the employee and their immediate supervisor.  The time must be documented for payroll purposes.

Employees and their Managers must ensure earned days are scheduled well in advance to ensure any lieu time balances can be utilized within the calendar year.

Lieu Time Policy- Signed

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