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Establishing the Municipal Effectiveness Advisory Committee

Policy No.: 2015-4
Effective Date: October 19, 2015
Approval By Council Motion No.: 5

Policy Statement:

  1. Council hereby establishes the Municipal Effectiveness Advisory Committee as a committee of Council.
  2. The mandate of the Municipal Effectiveness Advisory Committee is to provide a plan that will examine ways to reduce ‘red tape’ for its citizens and the business community and review its Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS), Land Use By-Laws (LUB) and any related policies. To acknowledge the historic importance of the town but find the balance between the heritage value and the economic growth of the Town.
    1. to review and identify barriers to reduce overregulation, streamline procedures, and improve efficiencies;
    2. to review the MPS and identify barriers and alternative solutions following the Municipal Government Act (MGA);
    3. to review the LUB and identify barriers and alternative solutions following the Municipal Government Act (MGA);
    4. to carry out public meetings and consultations with the Town’s Development Officer and Municipal Affairs representatives;
    5. to take such other steps consistent with the Policy that the Committee reasonably deems necessary to carry out its mandate;
    6. to bring forward to Council any budget requests relevant to carrying out its mandate;
    7. to advise and make recommendations to Council and to report to Council monthly;
    8. to take action on such matters as are lawfully delegated to it by statute or by Council.
    9. advise Council of any recommended changes to the MGA that may be identified
  3. The Committee is authorized by Council to form sub-committees or task forces to deal with a particular issue within the Committee’s mandate and that any sub-committee or task force be chaired by a member of the Municipal Effectiveness Advisory Committee.
  4. The Municipal Effectiveness Advisory Committee will be composed of a minimum of seven (7) members to a maximum of nine (9) members in any combination of two Council members and other participants, such as a member of the Planning Heritage Advisory Committee, a member of the Annapolis Board of Trade, a Home Based business owner, a member of Annapolis Heritage Society and/or a member from Historical Association of Annapolis Royal, a Real Estate agent, a business operator and a resident of Annapolis Royal and/or area who demonstrates a vested interest in the Town. If no representative from the specified groups applies then an additional representative will be appointed by Council. The Town’s Development Officer will play an advisory role to the Committee on an as needed basis. Members will be appointed by Council annually, in December of each year for a one year term with the possibility of renewal.
  5. The Committee will be active for up to a maximum of two years, unless Council reviews the progress of Committee and approves of an extension.

Municipal Effectiveness Advisory Committee Policy- Signed

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