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Updated February 14, 2008


  1. In this Bylaw:
    1. “Town” shall mean the Town of Annapolis Royal;
    2. “Company” shall mean the Standard Life Assurance Company, its successors or assigns;
    3. “Pension Plan” shall mean a pension plan issued by the Company; and
    4. “Employee” shall mean an eligible employee of the Town of Annapolis Royal.
  2. No employee shall be required to contribute to a pension plan for one full year following initial employment with the Town. No permanent part-time employee of the Town shall be required to participate in a pension plan, but shall have the option to enroll in a pension plan at the end of the first full year of employment with the Town or at anytime thereafter. The Town shall contract with the Company for a pension plan for the period of one year following the initial full year of employment of a full-time employee and for the period of one year following the decision of a permanent part-time employee after one full year of permanent part-time employment to enroll in a pension plan, and the Town shall pay unto the Company by such installments as are required under the pension plan a sum equal to 5% of the gross annual salary or wages of the employee and shall also remit, in like manner, 5% of the gross annual salary or wages payable by the Town to the employee.
  3. The pension plan for the periods of time described in paragraph 2 herein shall be administered by the Finance Committee of the Town subject always to the overriding authority of the Council of the Town.
  4. In the event that, for whatever reason, the relationship of the Town as an employer and an employee of the Town shall come to an end at any time during the time periods set out in paragraph 2 the pension plan contributions paid out of the salary or wages of such an employee shall be returned to the employee and the contributions made otherwise by the Town shall be returned to the Town.
  5. Following the time periods set out in paragraph 2, an employee shall be entitled to direct both the employee and employer contributions to a pension plan issued by the Company on the condition the employee does sign an appropriate release in favour of the Town whereby the employee assumes all risk associated with self direction. The Town and such an employee shall continue to make contributions to the plan in the same manner as set out in paragraph 2. In the event that an employee does not wish to self-direct his or her pension plan, the Town shall continue to administer same.
  6. Following the expiry of the period of one full year upon an employee entering the pension plan, the pension plan is deemed to be a vested plan whereby the Town and the employee are not entitled to a return of contributions should the relationship of employer-employee terminate or come to an end.
  7. The Town shall annually provide in its current spending estimates the annual sums required to be paid by the Town under the provisions of the Policy.
  8. The Town Clerk, on behalf of the Finance Committee and the Town Council, shall perform, inter alia, the following duties:
    1. He or she shall keep a list of all employees making contributions under the policy, which list shall set out the name and age of each employee, the time when he or she entered the service of the Town, a cumulative record of his or her service, the amount of his or her salary or wages from time to time, the name, address, age and relationship of each beneficiary nominated by him or her under the policy and his or her normal retirement age;
    2. He or she shall keep a correct list of all member employees and former member employees who have retired or who have terminated their employment or whose employment has been terminated and the amount of the pension to which each became or will become entitled to under the policy;
    3. He or she shall keep such other statistical and other records relative to the policy as may be required; and
    4. He or she shall report to the Finance Committee and to Town Council from time to time as may be required such information as may be requested relative to the operation of the Policy, and he or she shall generally under the direction of the Finance Committee or of Council do all things necessary in connection with the administration of the Policy.
  9. Membership in the Pension Plan shall be mandatory for full time permanent employees of the Town following the one-year waiting period.
  10. The Mayor and Town Clerk are hereby authorized and directed to execute all such contracts and agreements applicable to the changes in the Pension Plan if required by the Company.
  11. The present and existing By-Law of the Town entitled “Pension By-Law”, By-Law No. 82 of the By-Laws of the Town, is hereby repealed.
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