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Public Participation

Policy No.: 2016-2
Supersedes: 2008-7
Effective Date: May 17, 2016
Approval By Council Motion No.: 3

The following policy ensures an avenue for public input into amendments to the Municipal Planning Strategy and/or Land Use Bylaw.
Definitions: N/A

Policy Statement:
1) The Council of the Town of Annapolis Royal prescribes that for Municipal Planning Strategy amendment applications and for any related Land Use Bylaw amendments, a Public Participation Program shall follow the following procedure once referred to the Planning and Heritage Advisory Committee and/or the Municipal Effectiveness Advisory Committee:

(a) The CAO notifies Development Officer and Chair of the Planning and Heritage Advisory Committee and/or Chair of the Municipal Effectiveness Advisory Committee.
(b) The Development Officer and Chair set the meeting date.
(c) The Development Officer places a public advertisement (1) in local newspaper which specifies date, time and place of meeting, the matter to be discussed, the specific property (if any) affected and notes that information is available from the Town Office during regular business hours or at the meeting;
(d) Development Officer notifies all landowners within a 200-foot radius of affected area by personal service or regular mail. Notice has content of advertisement;
(e) Planning and Heritage Advisory Committee and/or Municipal Effectiveness Advisory Committee meets. Prior to any discussion among Panel members, any citizens in attendance are afforded an opportunity to ask questions and obtain further information about the application.

2) Council may, in any matter, choose to extend the public information process more widely, require more advertisements or more information in the advertisement or otherwise vary the public information process so long as the minimum set out above is met. Council would normally do so in matters of major importance, including significant amendments or revision to the Planning Strategy.

3) In the case of a land use bylaw amendment or development agreement not requiring Ministerial approval, Council allows the CAO to refer the application to the Planning and Heritage Advisory Committee and/or the Municipal Effectiveness Advisory Committee for recommendation and to set and advertise a date for a public hearing before Council.

Public Participation Policy- Signed

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