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Sewage Treatment Plant

Policy No.: 2006-4
Supersedes: N/A
Effective Date: August 14, 2006
Approval By Motion No.: 8

To permit future development by allowing the Town to review future development on an individual basis.

Definitions: N/A

Policy Statement:
Presently, the Town’s sewage treatment plant is operating at full capacity and until the hydraulic load is reduced, the Town is not in a position to permit development. The Town has identified a number of sources of infiltration and is aggressively pursuing a resolution.

The Town is committed to development and until the plant capacity is improved, we will require reviewing future Town development on an individual basis. Therefore, for all developments, we request the developer provide peak and average sanitary flows from the new facility.

Presently, the Town anticipates that a number of the major corrective actions will be completed by December 1, 2006. It is anticipated that these corrective actions will enhance the performance of the plant immediately and the flow monitoring at the plant should reflect the improvement immediately.

Excluding the immediate benefits that should be reflected by December 1, 2006, the Town commits to a continuous enhanced infiltration reduction program.

Should plant flow readings not reflect a reduction in plant hydraulic loading, by June 1, 2007, the Town commits to assessing the overall program and commits to implementing the plant upgrade program (ie – installation of baffles in the lagoons as per SGE Acres/ABL recommendation in their May 2006 report).

Sewage Treatment Plant Policy- Signed

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