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Snow and Ice Control

Policy No.: 2017-5
Supersedes: 2003-5
Effective Date: April 18, 2017
Approval By Council Motion: 15


Snow and ice control is an important issue for the Town. The costs of overtime and of salt are significant considerations. Our insurers have also indicated concern about liability if roads and sidewalks are not maintained and/or inspected regularly.



Policy Statement:

It shall be the policy of the Town to ensure that ice and snow control is provided at a reasonable level of service for a reasonable and affordable cost.

It is intended that accumulated amounts of two inches or less of snow will not be plowed or removed from the roads except under special circumstances. However, in all cases advice from the Town police or from the Public Works Superintendent or Asst.Supervisor will govern snow and/or ice clearing decisions.

Reasonable efforts will be made to maintain sidewalks for comfortable and safe walking.  Plowing, salting and sanding will not normally be done between 4:30 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.  Exceptions will be in emergency situations such as medical, electrical, fire, police, accident, etc. when the Public Works Department will provide aid in the emergency.  Exceptions may also occur when accumulated amounts of snow make it more sensible to remove snow during those hours.



  1. Under these guidelines the Public Works Superintendent or his assistant will decide when and the detailed method by which roads will be plowed and/or salted/sanded. Police officers on duty will monitor street conditions and advise the Supervisor when they consider conditions warrant that snow and ice control action should be taken.


  1. The Superintendent or his Assistant shall make regular inspections of sidewalks and roads for the purposes of checking the ice and snow conditions. The results of these inspections should be documented, including date and time. These records should be retained for at least 2 years.

Normally priority for road plowing is as follows – (this priority may change depending on conditions):

  • George Street from traffic lights to Drury Lane
  • Drury Lane
  • Anthony Street
  • Victoria Street from St. George Street to Prince Albert Road
  • George Street from Drury Lane to Chapel Street, Chapel Street, Church Street and St. James Street
  • George Street and Prince Albert Road to Town limits
  • Patrick’s Lane, Champlain Drive, Ritchie Street, Grange Street and School Street
  • Babineau Heights, Riverside Drive, Bohaker Street, Prince William Street


Minimum salt/sand amounts will be applied and only after the snow has been removed. Only selected areas which create undue hazard or difficulty such as intersections or hills where slippery conditions exist will be salted/sanded. Unusually slippery conditions or circumstances such as freezing precipitation or a melt / freeze environment may require a broader application of salt or sand at the discretion of the Public Works Superintendent.

Because of sewer pump damage, sand can only be used on St. George Street from Drury Lane, Chapel Street, St. Anthony Street to Prince Albert Road. Babineau Heights and Riverview Drive may have sand applied in limited amounts due to sewer and property restrictions.


The Public Works Superintendent will arrange sidewalk snow and ice control under these guidelines:

Town of Annapolis Royal By-Law #103 refers to the responsibility of owners, occupiers or persons in charge of houses, stores, lots and pieces of land situate on St. George Street from Dargie’s Plaza to the Government Wharf in respect to the clearing of snow and ice from sidewalks. The Town is responsible for the maintenance of the remainder of the Town sidewalks.

However, to facilitate the overall removal of heavy snowfall amounts in the area referred to in the By-Law, the Town will at times clear snow from this area.

Sidewalks will be tended to as soon as possible after precipitation ceases and may well be concurrent with or prior to road clearing, depending upon the snowfall amounts. The hours from 5:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. will normally apply.

George Street and Victoria Street sidewalks will have first priority followed by sidewalks on remaining streets.

Sidewalks will be salted after the Superintendent or his Assistant has inspected the matter and decided that salting is necessary.

Sanding may be used on sidewalks in slippery conditions but due to sewer restrictions on its use, sand will only be used on St. George Street from Prince Albert Road to Highway #201.



The Town does not take responsibility for removing snow from private driveways nor any entrance to driveways. The only exception might be when, at the discretion of the Public Works Supervisor, snow is plowed all to one side of the street and abnormally fills a driveway area.



The Town is responsible for clearing the Town Hall area, town parking lots, the Fire Hall and Legion.

Public Works will ensure that the entrance and driveway to the Health Care Centre are passable. Church areas will be tended to as in past years but under these guidelines. The Fire Hall main entrance will be the first priority followed by the other areas at the discretion of the Supervisor.



Only under extreme conditions will snow be removed from St. George Street from the bridge to the corner of Highway #201. Except where essential, removal and clearing away of snow will take place during normal working hours when the Public Works crew is available for this task.




The Town of Annapolis Royal is not responsible for any private structure or property damage because such is located so close to the sidewalk or the Town’s right-of-way that it interferes with the clearing process. Owners are encouraged to keep their property levels at the same level as the sidewalk or right-of-way. The physical lay-out of some roads and private properties may elicit some assistance for unavoidable winter damage.

At the discretion of the Chief Administrative Officer, in consultation with the Superintendent of Public Works, the Town of Annapolis Royal will repair or cause to be repaired any damage to private property, beyond that described above, which can be demonstrated to be a result of the Town’s clearing of snow and ice from streets and sidewalks. Property owners not satisfied with the course of action undertaken by the Chief Administrative Officer may file an appeal in writing for consideration by Town Council.

Snow & Ice Control Policy- Signed

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