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Tree Take Downs

Policy No.: 2006-7
Effective Date: December 18, 2006
Approval By Council Motion No.: 6


To provide for equitable cost sharing for required tree take downs of trees that straddle private and Town property.

Policy Statement:

Where an Order has been issued pursuant to the Town’s Tree Inspection and Removal Policy to take down a tree that straddles private and Town property;


Where the Town and property owner have agreed to remove a tree that straddles private and Town property and the tree is hazardous to persons or property or so affected by disease or insect infestation as to endanger the life and health of trees in the vicinity;


Where the tree is required to be taken down in order to ensure required water or sewer work by a property owner and/or the Town; the Town and the property owner shall be responsible for 50% of the cost of removal. The property owner’s 50% share of the cost of removal is a first lien on the real property of the property owner and may be collected in the same manner as taxes.

Tree Take Downs Policy- Signed

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