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Establishing the Traffic Flow Advisory Committee

Policy No: 2012-4
Effective Date: December 17, 2012
Approval By Council Motion No.: 4

Policy Statement:

  1. Council hereby establishes the Traffic Flow Advisory Committee as a standing committee.
  2. The mandate of the Traffic Flow Advisory Committee is to
    1. gather information in order to identify and explore potential traffic issues in Town including but not restricted to safety, speeding, signage, traffic calming, and traffic direction (one way/two way streets);
    2. carry out public consultation and to access experts in various fields as required, subject to bringing forward to Council any budget requests relevant to the Committee carrying out its mandate;
    3. take such other steps consistent with the Policy that the Committee reasonably deems necessary to carry out its mandate;
    4. advise and make recommendations to Council and to report to Council monthly;
    5. take action on such matters as are lawfully delegated to it be statue or by Council.
  3. The Committee is authorized by Council for form sub-committees or task force s to deal with a particular issue within the Committee’s mandate and that any sub-committee or task force be chaired by a member of the Traffic Flow Advisory Committee.
  4. The Traffic Flow Advisory Committee shall be composed of two Council Members, Chief of Police, and Local Traffic Authority, and, that members be appointed by Council annually, in December of year.

(Portion of Section 4, Suspended for One Year – COW January 9, 2013) “two Town business representatives, one Town resident north of Highway 1 and one Town resident south of Highway 1.”

Establishing the Traffic Flow Advisory Committee Policy- Signed

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