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Criminal Record Checks


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Criminal Record Checks Information  

“The Town of Annapolis Royal Council has approved a fee exemption with respect to volunteer criminal record checks, for residents of the Town of Annapolis Royal.

In order to take advantage of this, applicants are required to attend the Annapolis Royal Police Service in person with a letter from the volunteer organization.

Online applications will NOT be covered under the fee exemption. All normal, applicable fees will still apply.”  The $8.95 service fee online is from the service provider and cannot be covered by the Town.

The applicable fees that apply to both a Criminal Record Check or Vulnerable Sector Check are as follows-:

  • Employment                                                                         $38.95+ TAX
  • Volunteer                                                                               $38.95+ TAX
  • Volunteer- Current Resident Of Annapolis Royal            $8.95 + TAX  ( If you are from outside of Town and use this section your application will be rejected )
  • In Person- Current Residents Of Annapolis Royal           No Fee   ( For Volunteer Only all other applications must be completed online )

******The Annapolis Royal Police Service can only complete a Vulnerable Sector Screening for residents of the Town of Annapolis Royal.******
If you are a non-resident of the Town of Annapolis Royal you must make this application to the police service that is responsible for policing in your jurisdiction.

If through the process of completing the Criminal Record & Vulnerable Sector Screening request, the Annapolis Royal Police Service determines the home address given is outside the Town of Annapolis Royal they will process and complete the Criminal Record Check as requested and charge you accordingly.

However, this screening request will NOT include the Vulnerable Sector Screening. Annapolis Royal Police will notify you in this regard at the time you attend to pick up the Criminal Record Check.




The Annapolis Royal Police Service will provide Police Record Checks to applicants under the age of 18 (Youth) for government positions only.
As of November 1, 2018, YOUTHS are no longer permitted to apply for any level of Police Records Check except to obtain a PRC for positions working or volunteering with the Government of Canada. This would not include organizations receiving government funding such as schools, universities or hospitals.
Youth records are therefore only permitted to be disclosed to either:
1. the youth themselves, who is not permitted to further disclose Findings of Guilt and must remove any results from the record check before sharing with agencies [PRCRA 11] or
2. the Government of Canada or the government of a province or a municipality for the purpose of carrying out a criminal record check required by the Government of Canada, or the government of a province or a municipality for purposes of employment or the performance of services, with or without remuneration [YCJA 119 (1)(o)]

Ref: The Police Record Checks Reform Act, 2015 enacted on November 1, 2018.

Criminal Records Check

There are two ways to get a criminal background check: in-person or online applications.


You can submit your request in person by attending the Annapolis Royal Police Service located at 285 St George Street, Annapolis Royal, between 8:00 am to 4pm Monday to Friday except Statutory Holidays . You must complete the forms below which are either a-:

  1. Criminal Record Check (CRC)
  2.  Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC): Note only for residents of Annapolis RoyalNo refunds will be provided.


The application review process usually takes about 5 to 10 business days. When your Criminal Record Check is ready for pick up at the Police Station, you will be notified.

Don’t forget to bring two pieces of photo ID, as stated in the Notice of Mandatory Identification Requirements, when you go to the Police Station to claim your final Criminal Record Check report


Notice of Mandatory Identification Requirements

Two pieces of identification are mandatory, and must be provided, in order to have a background check processed as follows:

The first (primary) piece of ID must be from the following list of government issued photo ID:
• Driver’s Licence (Issued by Canadian province or territory)
• International Driver’s Licence
• Canadian Passport
• International Passport
• Canadian Citizenship Card
• Permanent Resident (PR) Card
• Certificate of Indian Status
• Student Identity Card from a Foreign Institute
• Firearms Acquisition Certificate (FAC)
• Canadian National Institute of the Blind (CNIB) Identification card
• Federal, Provincial or Municipal Identification Card
• Military Family Card (MFID)

The second piece of ID can be any piece of identification as long as the name on the ID is the same as the name on the first piece of government issued photo ID.

IMPORTANT: If you cannot provide identification as noted, the only way your background check can be processed is by submitting fingerprints to the RCMP.

Any questions, please email us at



You can complete and submit your application online – it’s confidential, secure, convenient, and available 24 hours a day.

To use the platform powered by Triton’s easy to use technology, an individual must:

  • Have a valid email account
  • Pass Electronic Identity Verification (EIV) which uses a series of questions to quickly

confirm their identity.

  • In the case of volunteer related checks, a digital copy of the volunteer

letter from the agency or organization that is requesting the criminal check is


Use the secure online payment system to pay for your application.

Once completed you will be emailed your result to the email address you provided to us on our online application process.

Please note the fee exemptions with respect to volunteer criminal record checks for residents of the Town of Annapolis Royal does not apply for online application. All applicable fees will still apply.

Any questions, please email us at



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