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Municipal Planning Strategy Amendments

Policy No.: 2016-1
Supersedes: 2011-8
Effective Date:  February 16, 2016
Approval By Council Motion No.: 9 

This policy will guide the processing of Municipal Planning Strategy Amendments. This clarification is required as MPS amendments are initiated at the discretion of Council, as opposed to Land Use By-Law and Development Agreement requests which follow a different process.


1. All Municipal Planning Strategy Amendments requests must be approved by Council before the Town accepts an application, supporting documentation and the fees. To gain approval, the applicant must
a. Provide information on the nature of their request to the Town so that a brief report may be prepared for consideration by Council
b. Make a presentation to Council outlining the nature of the request.

At this stage, Council is not approving the request but simply giving permission for an application to be submitted.

Upon approval of the request to apply by Council, the applicant may submit a full application to the Town.

2. If the request is denied by Council, the applicant may not seek approval to apply for a period no less than 6 months from the date of the previous request.

Municipal Planning Strategy Amendments Policy- Signed

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