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Website Listings and Links

Policy No.: 2017-8
Effective Date:
February 21, 2017
Approval By Council Motion No.:


To encourage all businesses to advertise on the Town of Annapolis Royal website

Policy Statement:

We encourage participation of all area businesses in the Town’s website.

Fee schedule:

  1. Town Businesses and Organizations
    Town businesses and organizations will be provided a free listing with a link. Individual businesses and organizations will be responsible for the accuracy of content.
  2. Area Organizations and Attractions
    In the spirit of full promotion of the area being in the best interest of both the Town and the surrounding area, the Town will extend the same offer to businesses, attractions and organizations that are members in good standing of the Annapolis District Board of Trade.
  3. Businesses outside of Town
    Businesses outside of Town that are not members of the Annapolis District Board of Trade may have a listing and a link at a fee of $50.00 per year.

Website Listings and Links Policy- Signed

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