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This Bylaw shall be known as the Heritage Bylaw of the Town of Annapolis Royal


  1. In this By-Law:
    1. “Council” shall mean the Town Council of the Town of Annapolis Royal;
    2. “CAO” shall mean the Chief Administrative Officer of the Town of Annapolis Royal;
    3. “Act” shall mean the Heritage Property Act of the Province of Nova Scotia;
    4. “Committee” shall mean the Heritage Advisory Committee established pursuant to this Bylaw;
    1. The Council, annually, at a regularly called meeting of the Council shall appoint a committee of Council to be known as the Heritage Advisory Committee. The Heritage Advisory Committee shall consist of no fewer than six (6) members. It will include all six (6) members of Council with the addition of up to three (3) members at large from the community.
    2. The Committee shall be governed, where not inconsistent with the Act or this Bylaw, by the general rules of procedure applicable to committee as are contained in the Bylaws of the Town of Annapolis Royal.
  2. The CAO shall establish and maintain, at the business office of the Town, a registry of heritage property. The registry shall:
    1. be properly indexed;
    2. contain data with respect to recommendation, registration, if applicable, recording particulars of documents required to be lodged at the Registry of Deeds for Annapolis County and true copies of all notices required by the Act;
    3. Contain particulars of heritage property under recommendation or registered so as to adequately identify the property;
    4. Be accessible to the public at no charge during regular Town business hours at the Town business office;
    5. Be made available for photocopying from a master copy for owners of registered property;
  3. The CAO in addition to the duties outlined in Section 4 shall ensure compliance with notice requirements respecting recommendation and registration of heritage property under the Act.
  4. This bylaw supercedes Heritage Bylaw No. 60, and is effective the date of publishing.
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